Is there an efficient way to move goods from your residence to an arbitrary spot in the frontier?

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  1. I'm trying to find a spot to sort of settle down at and start building something in the frontier, but moving around in the frontier seems kind of slow (which is by design). As far as I can tell, there are only frontier outposts for north, south, east, west, and central. And other than that, you pretty much have to walk.

    But this presents a problem. You can only carry so much at one time, and if you settle very far at all from one of the wilderness outposts, it can be very time consuming to keep trying to run (or row or swim or whatever) back and forth between your outpost and a wilderness outpost, just to have enough materials to build something decently big with. And you can't really start gathering resources in the frontier either; that's basically reserved for the wilderness.

    So if you wanted to build something in the frontier that's not right up against one of the five teleporter wilderness outposts, what are your options? It doesn't look like you can just set up a warp point or anything. Thanks!
  2. Mining in the frontier is ok as long as you don't leave gigantic gaping holes that people can easily fall into to. If you wanted to set up a mine for resources in the frontier, that would be perfectly fine as long as it is reasonably far away from a spawn and not a danger to others.
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  3. Though you cant open your vault, carrying an enderchest can allow for 27 more storage slots :)
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  4. So kinda like going out to your outpost and coming back to spawn/town? You could use enderchests, donkeys with chests and such. If you want to get back to your outpost without having to travel you could just put everything you want to take in the enderchest, die (make sure your spawn is set at your outpost lmao) and be sent back to your outpost :) I used to do this but I wouldn't have to use the enderchest because of my voting armour and gear.
    Another way of travelling fast is a minecart track by bedrock, its fairly good but if someone finds the tunnel they're going to be at your outpost :/
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  5. How do you set a spawn?
  6. Also, would you still have to run back one way?
  7. You sleep in a bed to set your spawn. And yes, you will have to run one way.

    Expanding on this: use the NETHER. It will cut your trip's distance by 8 times. Set up a rail and it's even faster.
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  8. By sleeping in a bed :D
    And yes, but its better than both ways
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  9. If you plan to spend a fair amount of time in the frontier, I would recommend establishing an outpost. This gives you some control over who your neighbors are and lets you dictate what is built in that area.

    If you establish an outpost, you can pretty much do anything you want on it (other than griefing other players), including mining for resources. I still go to wastes for sand and nether quartz, if for some reason I go mining, I'll do it at my outpost though as I'm still looking for a Skeleton Spawner :)

    To Establish an Outpost, you'll need to be 5000 away from an EMC outpost and 3000 from anything. Most likely you won't find a spot closer than 10000 away.

    The way to get 10000 away from an EMC outpost is to go through the nether. The Nether is 1/8th the distance of the overworld, this means you can cover a ton of distance in a very short time. This also means you can find the coordinates for a black (unexplored) area on the live map, divide by 8 and you know exactly how to get there from the nether. A waypoint mod like JourneyMap FairPlay or Voxel Maps is suuuuuuuuper helpful for traveling through the wilds and finding areas.

    If you can create a running path at first, you can usually run to your outpost without too much trouble and fairly quickly.

    Once your claim is officially established, you may wish to create a rail system to your outpost in the nether. If you put a top slab over the rail line it will be spawn free and allow you to go afk while you ride out to your place. If you can get on a minecart, go get a drink, some food and have arrived, having a place 15000+ away really isn't far at all. You'll want to keep your rail entrance a bit hidden or at least a little ways from the drop to keep lazy griefers from finding it.

    I do not recommend Mules or Minecarts with chests, it's too much work. I do recommend an Enderchest though, helps a ton.

    Another secret, is if your base is really far away, you can carry a lot to it by going through the End. When you exit the End, you load at your spawn location (bed) with all your items on you. Depending on how far out your outpost is, or how close your servers end portal is, this might help.
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  10. Just a note... If you are trying to go through nether to get to an outpost, use the /frontier Direction command, and place a portal there or use an existing one. Never start at /nether it adds a lot of extra distance to your travel. I've seen a lot of outposts make this mistake.