Is there an alternative to reporting someone?

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  1. I agreed to be paid 4000 Rupees in exchange for my services to someone. Said services included digging up under their house, making a 4 blocks tall and 60x60 wide 'cavern'. It cost me approximately 60 torches, six shovels, and about 3 hours of my time. They gave me an enchanted pickaxe, but it lasted only so long.
    When he finally logged back on, I was done and expecting to get paid. The first thing he greeted me with was "where is my pickaxe, give it to me or I will ban you". He accepted that it broke and then expected me to help him some more, so I did.
    Still no money, and my services were done. He simply ignored me.
    I did get a screenshot of the him agreeing to pay me 4K but I don't think it saved on my computer, and I really just want the money owed to me. However, I do not want to report him because I don't want to (I've already had to report someone for stealing about two and a half stacks of cobblestone).

    TL;DR? Someone owes me 4K and I really would prefer not to report them.
    Is there another way?
  2. There is one alternative;
    Firstly, if you screenshotted, then it probably did save.
    Check in your .minecraft/screenshots folder if on PC (don't know about Mac)
    Then put that a PM with a moderator and the person who did this and try to solve the matter privately.
  3. there will be chat logs, if you give a moderator a time and on what server they could probably find it
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  4. Same with mac but a minecraft folder instead of .minecraft
  5. I'm on windows Vista, and I screenshot by hitting the 'print screen' button and then saving it in paint, the problem was my computer became unplugged by my psycho cat (and my battery wasn't in). Either way, I know the rough time, and thank you for your replies.
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  6. protip; hit F2 and it will screenshot for you, in the folder I mentioned before.
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  7. o.o That is soo much easier. XD, Thanks!

    (also, just looked at your picture. Then reread your username. I laughed. A lot. Thanks for that~)
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  8. if you really need the 4000 rupees i could spare some for you?
  9. np lol, its quite...unique
  10. It's F2, not F3. F3 will get you the Debug screen.
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  11. Gah!
  12. If your on a mac, just open finder, go to the name of your user, library, application support, minecraft, and screenshots.
  13. Or press cmd shift 3 for laggier screenshots on a mac XD
  14. Or FN F2....
    But y'know.
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  15. Lol, I didn't use that for a while because i'm from a game without a built in screenshot program.