is the legend of zelda the best game ever?

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is the legend of zelda the best game ever?

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yes 9 vote(s) 45.0%
no 10 vote(s) 50.0%
? 1 vote(s) 5.0%
  1. i think super Mario Galaxy is the best
  2. It is the greatest
  3. well i dont like it
  4. greatest
  5. Yes and for good reason. Why do you think the curency here is rupees? Why do you think im wearing a link skin?
  6. It's actually a game that veteran gamer's look forward to when a new game is to be released. Unlike newer super mario games which from what others have told me have become to repetitive. Not to pick on super mario games, its just one example.
  7. and WHO made the legend of zelda WHO made super mario
  8. Usually the people who dont like zelda havent even played one of the games in the series or cant get past the first dungeon.
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  10. Well good for you
  11. The fact that Nintendo made both is irrelevant. Old school Super Mario was amazing and so was old school LoZ. But over time Mario wasn't able to keep up as well as LoZ did.
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  12. witch series has over 200 games MARIO
  13. Lol quality not quantity
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  14. yeah so? Mozart composed hundreds of songs but only a handful of them are remembered.
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  15. Shigeru Miyamoto is the guy who created Zelda series


    I Played most of the Zelda games ex for the season ones, and i enjoyed most of them. yea i know it kill Ganon at the end on most of them not on skyward sword, but i guess i just sucker when comes to Zelda games because i grew up with them lol
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  16. I love mario and zelda. But i cant say mario is better, because, well, it just isnt. Both are still amazing in thier own ways though.
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  17. Its a fun series I enjoy, but nowhere near the best.
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  18. Played all of them and beat em all but there are much better games the Legend of Zelda so be open to new games
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  19. Yea it's not best out there but always constant results