Is my shop expensive?

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Is 18240 on SMP9 expensive?

Yes 9 vote(s) 42.9%
No 3 vote(s) 14.3%
Kinda 9 vote(s) 42.9%
  1. Hey guys I've been getting a bunch of rubbish about how my shop on SMP9 18240. So I decided to let you guys vote. So be HONEST!
  2. Tell me your prices.
  3. *Forever Alone*
  4. Yes.On most of things
  5. *Forever Alone*
  6. you are ripping yourself off assassian
  7. Yeah thank your SOOOOO encouraging! *bans from res*
  8. So, now you're going to res-ban people who ansered your question?


  9. that sounds like it is too cheap...
  10. and that is what i mean
  11. I looked through your shop, and I have to say this; Your shop is expensive.
    For example, you sell a stack of Dirt for 5r.
    It's usually sold for 1r a stack, but often Free.

    But I found your Villager Eggs being cheap, only 7r for one.
    But, that's the only thing I was being cheaper than makret-price.

    Your shop is really Expensive.
  12. 4r more isn't expensive in my books lol :p
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  13. Jeez u guys r being really judgementle
  14. You asked for people opinions, they're giving you their opinion.
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  15. i only asked for u guys to vote not to complain
  16. I vote yes because you have low quantity for cheap (e.g. 4 cobble for 2r). Generally, cobble is sold in bulk at maybe 64 for 15r. That's cheap. Just because you have low quantity items for a low price doesn't make it cheap.

    Edit: Same thing with coal. 2 for 5r? Oh my Lord. That's an item that people are generally buying in bulk. And tbh, 2 coal for 5r? :confused:
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  17. well i sell my items not in bulk becuase as you can tell i dn't have alot of it so i need rupees to go out and either buy it or find it myself (which could end up in me dieing and losing it all) so again i need to sell it in small quantity.