Is moving to SMP5 a good idea,

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mrlegitislegit, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Or will it get as bad as SMP3.
  2. I never knew smp3 was bad?
  3. I mean as clogged up.
  4. ^^^

    I like This

    Also well, all server get full and dont allow more people, any MC server you play. just gotta wait your turn.
  5. Seriously, don't move, it will overload with pplz and you will just loose all your stuff...

    Just like SMP4 or SMP3... if you feel is clogged just, upgrade!
  6. it isn't overloaded yet.. and you won't lose your stuff... it is ok to move to smp5 I moved there from smp1 --> smp5 everything is fine..
  7. nono, i mean, if you move your residence, you will loose your stuff... (obviously)
    And it isnt overloaded yet, YET xD
  8. I'm considering the move to SMP5 simply to enjoy the new Wilderness. (Have you seen that arch?!) :D
  9. Yeah, wilderness i'ts a good reason to move for, but wait for it to pass like 5 days, and you will feel bad :(
  10. Im just gonna spend the next few days collecting resources in smp5 and enjoying them while i can. Plus i have way too many things to move and smp1 is awesome in my opinion.
  11. get it before it looks like a warzone lol