Is Minecraft down? EMC thread

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by thecontroller, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Curious if Minecraft is down? Anxious to get on the servers? Look below if the Minecraft servers are up! (Sticky post this?)
    Login Server:
    Session Server:
    Download Server:
  2. It says online -.-
  3. Yes but this is for future purposes. Thats why I said (Sticky post this?)

    Also if a moderator/admin can sticky post this and disable further thread replies and delete the current replies all will be appreciated!
  4. This would be a very good idea so people don't have to sit an wonder why its not working. Thumbs up for this thread! :D
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  6. Yes but it some people don't know about it, its better to be on a trusted EMC website.
  7. Whatever just as long we know what the prob is
  8. Send a PM to ICC and just have him post those on the homepage rather than creating threads all over the place
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  9. Even better idea lol
  10. Its just one thread, I don't know what you guys are talking about.
  11. I'm talking about all the threads in general about this topic.
  12. Oh.... ok me understand now.
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  14. Good idea.
  15. Yeah this is a good and useful post... It deserves a sticky!
  16. Perhaps the server status could be integrated into the site, maybe as a separate section in the Servers page, a new page entirely or even at the top above the logo.
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  17. Yes that is an idea.
  18. Apparantly this is defective as the internal servers as well as the site and sessions server are all down.
  19. This thing doesent work :(
  20. Yep.