Is KSP worth it?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by honam1021, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. This game is getting more and more popular recently:

    $23 is a bit too expensive for me, considering that it is a WIP game(Anyone still remember Minecraft was only used to cost $10?)

    Should I give the $$$ to them, or just stick with MC and TF2?
  2. Anybody else INSTANTLY reminded of Spore? It looks just like it...without the make your own creature part. Just a mix between the civilization stage and Space stage.
  3. It does seem pretty cool though. I'd buy it if I had my own wallet :3
  4. I have it, a great game for boredom killing.
  5. oh ho ho yes it is! even though it is still in development i think it could easily be a finished game if they just cleaned a few things up a bit. You should look up Scott Manley or KurtJMac on youtube if you want to see someone play it. i have been playing it a lot more recently, even more than minecraft. if you want more details about it, there are no official goals, but you can make planes, go into orbit with rockets, go to multiple planets and moons, dock in space and make massive space stations, so much to do. even just a few weeks ago they had a new update with re-entry effects, mach effects, and rover parts like wheels. i would recommend getting it but it can be a big challenge.
  6. I can't even build a working rocket in demo
  7. if you look at scott manleys channel he has a good tutorial specifically for the demo ;)
  8. Can you give me the link to the youtube channel?
  9. I have it (well, I'm a space geek, of course I do) and I really like it. The parts in the full version are much better, not to mention the thousands of things added with the full version's addon support. You can learn how to go to other planets, not just the Mun. I also love the ability to build huge station and spaceplanes. And of course, I wreck my fair share of ships too. Try this tutorial if you actually want a rocket to soar.

    Also, if you'd like a more realistic spaceflight sim, try Orbiter. It's 100% free. I play this a TON. But beware, there is a steep learning curve.
    Yet. A career mode is in the works, where you train astronauts and have to buy things. Even then, it's still sandboxy.
  10. I have been thinking about getting it for awhile... So I probably will when I get another $25 Visa Card.
  11. I have this, and it was definitely worth every cent of the $18 (before the price jump). i would definitely buy it again at $23. there are plenty of mods that you can install and a lot of people showcasing it on youtube. its a lot like minecraft in that sense and it is really awesome to see the game develop with each update. Now with updates being more regular, although smaller, things that have been changed are more noticeable instead of getting covered up by a... lets say a new planet! with 0.19 out with re-entry effects and rover wheels this will become a great finished product!
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  12. here.
    and to really get the full effect of the game, check out some of his other vids on his channel, but they are usually pretty advanced things.
  13. This is an amazing game, I was luck enough to get it free way back when.