Is it you have to log in from the website within 10 days or the game?

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  1. HELP! going on holiday for exactly 10 days and I need to know if its the website you have to log into or the actual server before my res gets reset???????
  2. Well, you can tell a friend you password, or you can PM shaun or ICC
  3. I believe it's the game BUT Your residence won't be immediately reset. It will go into a Queue and can take a while to be reset. Most of the time they're only reset when someone asks IcC or Shaun to reset the plot.
  4. Yeah, some residences are from people that have not been seen in 80 days.... :)
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  5. supchu from smp6 hasn't been on for a billion days.
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  6. It is the server you need to sign into, not the site.
    10 days is fine. The derelict policy takes affect on absences over 10 days. (However your res will not be automatically reset, but could be)
    If you are going to be over the 10 days, go to the Empire Guide (top of this page), then click on residences, then on derelict policy and there is a purple link to ICC to report your absence time and protect your res from being reset.
    Hope this helps, and enjoy your holiday :)
  7. Thank you everyone for the replys, really helped :)
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