Is it time?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Olga, May 26, 2012.

  1. I think the community is almost ready for the identity of Dark_Liz to be revealed, after it's been over a month. I know I am. Are you ready Justin?

    Ugh. This is my worst post ever.
  2. Everyone knows its EdmundWayne.
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  3. Its Edmund Or Shaun :p
  4. Did I missed something? o_0
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  5. Me too, edmundwayne? Who is 'dat?

    Dont call me stupid if he's famous -_-
  6. He is a mod.
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  7. Don't be silly - Justin is Shaun.

    And who actually saw Bigdavie before he (or she) was a mod? Maybe this newcomer is Dark_Liz.

    Gosh, you and your conspiracies.
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  8. Question Why Does mage change her picture every day?
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  9. It's me guys... don't panic. jk
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  10. lol biscuit
  11. Just a question: aare there people with multiple accounts or: WHO IS WHO???????
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  12. We're just scrambling brains. The only [STAFF] person with a second account as far as we know is Jeremy (ICC and GKJ).
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  13. alex has 2 accounts
  14. Edited that, lol.
  15. I have 2 accounts.
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  16. what are you guys talking about. i miss one day on EMC and i have no idea what is goin on? wow
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  17. Yeah. Who is he, and why does everyone suddenly want to know who he is?
  18. I am so confused here. And I started this.
  19. I did not understand this WHOLE thread... Kind of confusing... 0.0
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