Is it legal to make an iron farm

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  1. I am asking because my iron is too low and I can't live without it. I go to mining half hour to get a stack. and my mine iron Is almost mined
  2. Yes iron farms are legal, but very labor intensive and expensive to make.
  3. Is there a video example???

    I see people make it with a lot of iron blocks to make the golems

    And another people putting a lot of villagers and they will spawn

    Who is right ???
  4. Look for Docm's example on Youtube, very well done.
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  5. has a good guide that if enough cells are added (each cell is about 3 full inventories so it takes forever) there's more compact ones but they wont have nearly the output this one potentially has
  6. Ok I have some questions about docm's farm

    1- he made the building with a lot of iron blocks. Is it just to look fancy or it is will effect the farm ???

    2- it is too big. The people will grief it easy and fast. Is this right???
  7. 1. Looks. Will not effect it.
    2. Build far away from spawn.
  8. One of the difficult things about iron farms in EMC is that they can only be constructed in the wild.. Iron Golems will not spawn in town (..anymore..) as they can be classified as a hostile mob.. And if there is already an active iron farm in existence on a particular server, in my experiences, any new iron farm would not be very effective. The iron farm I had built in the desert at my old wild base in SMP6 gave me a magnificent plunder of 4 iron bars in the entire 4 weeks I used it before abandoning the base. It was a more effective zombie flesh generator.. :rolleyes:
  9. Far away from the spawn???

    How much far? Is 2000m is enough ??
  10. Is it more effective in the ocean???
  11. I used to say 5km from any of the peripheral outposts would be sufficient but that seems to be common-area now. So basically, far enough to take any potential griefers at least 10-20 minutes to walk to. Most, save for the very determined, wouldn't travel that far to grief something..
  12. I would go out 10000 blocks.
  13. No. Go to one of the 10,000 meter outposts, then go at least 5000m. I would suggest even more than that.
  14. other farms donw have any effect on it server wide its based on villages nearby so build far away from any doors that can be considered villages (there are rules somewhere for this) and you can pump em out i have a four celled one hidden somewhere and it works fine i get about 1 spawn per 1.30 minutes, afk for an hour and you have a stack of iron block
  15. I probably just had problems with mine because of it possibly being too close to my base, although it was more than 1/2 km from the base itself.. Besides the fact that we were also still having issues on all of the servers with the mob ceiling at the time.. :\
  16. Yes, best built over water.
    There are at least 2 and sometimes many more farm towers on each server.