Is it just me...??

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  1. Hey guys.
    In the fast few days something weird has happened to my Minecraft account on EMC.
    First of all every time I log onto smp1, I spawn at the spawn. I know for a fact i wasn't there when I logged off.
    Then, everyone in a while things like doors or blocks get deleted from my res...
    I'm really scared, though, I couldn't bear if someone I didn't know was on my account...
    Please help!!
  2. it's herobrine
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  3. Lol seriously.. whats wrong?
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  4. That is a question to which I don't have the technical skills to answer.. maybe just really delayed rollback?
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  5. Glitch abuse: Go into wild

    Collect lotsa stuff


    No return journey=profit
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  6. haha lol
    ill try
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  7. Mods find out about abuse

    Equinox is banned=profit
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  8. No more post likes=profit
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  9. Where you using Minechat? It makes you go to spawn when you log on with it?
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  10. Good idea. Boss, does anyone besides you have perms at your res?
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  11. Ahhh. Thanks so much.
    I will do /res default
  12. Does that mean I could do the 'glitch'.
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  13. Nah, wild over rides it.
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  14. Do you log on with MineChat sometimes.
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  15. Does anyone have perms at your res and minechat made you oh to spawn :)
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  16. Yes I do. That's probably what causes it.
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  17. Then that would be why. It will auto send you to the spawn.
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