Is it just me, or is this a bug....

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  1. So I was going to renew my Gold membership, and I saw this...

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  2. This has happened to me before, If you already haven't renewed it yet your gold membership will run out later today. I used to think this was a bug when it happened to me but then my membership ran out later that day -.-
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  3. Glitch! :)
  4. Maybe it's... *gasp* HEROBRINE! :p
  5. Justinguy says on the tracker:

    "This was actually intended. Sometimes PayPal is late reporting a payment to us, and this used to cause people to be downgraded for one day. To fix that issue I had set supporter memberships to expire one day after they are supposed to (sort of like a grace period). I could change the messaging so it doesn't say "yesterday" but says "today" or something like to make it less confusing.

    The reason it says yesterday is the JS plugin that does the days to go is smart enough to know the day was yesterday."
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