is it allowed to :

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  1. So somebody was placing a block in my res so he could jump over a fence.
    I know it disappeared but i want to know if its allowed.

    ( I remember the name of the person just in case )
  2. really no harm in this.

    If you really want to keep other players away from your stuff, ensure its in a room with a door, or take away move permissions from other people by typing

    /res set move false

    you may need to give yourself move permissions back, not sure
    to do that type
    /res pset damians633 move true
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  3. I like jumping over peoples fences.
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  4. This. Its fun getting on top of peoples houses and them wondering how you did it.
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  5. Consider it parkour. :)

    It's not harming anything and is just a bit of fun. Take it as a compliment that they're interested enough to want to look around your res.