Is calling someone ignorant rude if true

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  1. I was explaining to someone about how typing like this:
    Person: Do
    Person: You
    Person: Think that
    Person: I should
    Person: Buy it
    Is spam
    and how typing like this:
    Do you sell CHEAP diamonds?
    Is not spam

    I told them that I have been here for a while and know the rules and that he was wrong. He kept saying no and was arguing and I said he was being ignorant. He said I was calling him and idiot. Am I in the wrong?
  2. Typically someone needs a spanky banny... and no one is getting dessert tonight :mad:
  3. Typing

    Typing this in chat: Do you sell CHEAP DIAMONDS, is not considered as caps lock.

    And no, that's not your fault, you was telling him that what he did was wrong. You was not being rude by calling him ignorant, he could had listen to you instead of arguing.

    PS. I'm 100% sure that was another 10year old kid =P
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  4. that person typing like that is spamming and being ignorant. So no you are not wrong.
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