Is build a grave considered griefing?

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  1. So I was wandering around on one of the servers in the wild and I happened across a scene where someone came out of their cave to get a hug from a creeper and all their belonging were on the ground in a pile so I knew that it had just happened recently.. I picked up what I could of the stuff and placed it in a box for them if they return and then I built them a grave because I didn't know who it was so that I could message them that I rescued their things.. Is building a grave for someone lost to a creeper considered griefing?
  2. That is a sad story.. I hope the owner will find their belongings.. That is a nice texture pack what is it?
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  3. Um... i don't understand your question. Your asking if building a grave griefing?
  4. No I dont think it would be considered greifing, in fact I think it to be highly considerate of you! Good job, the Empire welcomes player initiative like this :)
  5. Now it makes sense...
  6. Hopefully a griefer won't find that person's stuff.... Curse you griefers!!!
  7. I was able to make perfect sense of the question :confused:
  8. That is likely to happen randomly probably but I didn't say what server it was or the co-ordinates.. :p If a griefer does find it, it is because they happened upon it.. It was in a slightly out of the way area..
  9. This is why people should never leave home without their diamond armour on
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  10. Collecting a dead players belongings, putting them in a chest for them instead of the despawn and then building them a grave at the site would not be considered griefing in my book at all. In fact I find it to be quite a kind and courteous act.
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  11. Wow, this is really nice, autumn. I'm sure everyone else here would do the same ^_^
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  12. I think this is very considerate you deserve a prize :)
  13. Nice very I wished this happen to me every time I died but the last light outpost graveyard would grow out of control, I'm I right secret lol also nice texture might use this one been default tex for awhile
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