Is anyone making automatic piston wood farm???

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  1. I need someone to make automatic wood farm
  2. That's Possible ? ()_o :eek:

    (Edit) Ignore me...i just put together how one would be built in my head....
  3. Yes. See some videos on you tube
  4. By automatic, do you mean wither powered? Or a semi-automatic, hand harvested, wood farm?
  5. It pushes all the wood to the same place then you break and collect it
  6. I've seen a few. There are some on utopia that are public. I would suggest using the Sand/gravel method.
  7. Yes that is the best way. But I asking about one making it to me because it is too hard
  8. I could make one, it gets 7.5 stacks of oak wood per full harvest. It takes alot of supplies though, contact me if you want one built