Is anyone else having this?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MichaelPiccolo, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. When i try to join any server it says connection error and gives me a link. I tryed restarted but no success. Anyone else having this? What is going on?
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  2. I to are also having this problem.
  3. Same here, seems like the minecraft servers are down
  4. Same with me, The mojang support center say the mineraft logins are down, we probably just have to wait it out.

    But seriously, it happens, just try to log in when they come back online
  6. Phew im glad its not just me :p
  7. login servers are down
  8. See all that stuff thats in red? thats why you cant log-in
  9. I ran outa pepperoni to eat while waiting this out! Somone help me. xD
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  10. i can't even start my minecraft launcher D:
  11. Aw Really :l
    Time to play Happy Wheels!
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  12. LOL
    me going to team fortress 2 :D
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  15. wamp wamp wamp
  16. To fix this you have to close minecraft and then edit profile before you log in and foot the drop down thingy and click 1.6.2