Is a bulk business in demand??

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by AlarmGoesBeep, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. This is what I used to be known for when I was called AlarmGoesBeep but I want to get back into EMC so I was wondering If it was worth my while dedicating time to this and doing the bulk service like old times.
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  2. I've seen many people start bulk businesses, but most of them end up being overloaded with orders. If you do start one, I advise that you be sure that you know where you are going to get the materials that you offer, and have a good structure.

    tl;dr - Yes, bulk businesses are very popular.
  3. Hello Kyzoy, Yeah I setup a few and got the orders done but when they dried up I moved on to a different Project and I will PM you about a few things.
  4. I'm sure it would be wildly popular if you can actually handle tons of orders and not shut down after a few days because you're overloaded. You need a clean and efficient way to get loads of every item you stock.

    If you can handle it, you'll get tons of business :)
  5. Done it before just not enough activity for people placing orders.
  6. Any more opinions?☺️
  7. Like previous replies, if you can pull it off with decent speed, it should be a huge success
  8. Yeah, I will be making the time table for it.