1. Okay. For those of you who have read the thread,"Lapis!" you know what this is about; just iron instead of lapis. But for those of you who haven't read Lapis, then here is the scenario.
    I'm building four geo-domes (giant half-spheres) out of four materials: lapis, diamond, iron, and gold. I've already finished the lapis geo-dome, and I'm currently working on the one made of iron, but I'll need some help. Each geo-dome requires 1,088 blocks of the material being used, a stack of fences, lots of torches, and 1.5 stacks of glowstone. (glowstone and fences are for chandeleirs and torches are for secondary lighting)
    If you're interested in helping, then go to res# 1254 on smp1 and sell me some iron or glowstone, or you could donate glowstone/rupees/iron to me. All major donators get recognised here

    Top Donors:
    CNKilla187 donated 4,000r and ~1 stack of lapis blocks
    cjtwist2000 donated 7 stacks of blue dye
  2. It says, um that you dont have any, rupees...
  3. Stop spamming the forums.
  4. *VERY embarrassing moment*
    Well... I... Um...
    Sorry about that. I haven't gotten my sign-in bonus today. Since I'm a relitavely new gold supporter, the increased sign-in bonus (700r a day) is about 90% of my sallery. Please try again to sell to me because I should now have some money. Once again, sorry.
  5. Wow. Big project to tackle this early in ur emc adventure..
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  6. Where should I announce my projects and get a good respense then? :3
  7. I like big projects tho. :)
  8. Do you have 20 rupees?
  9. In that case I'm wondering how you'll make gold and diamond ones. Even iron will be a tough one without many donations...
  10. I donated, Sorry it's not like 2000, I like to round my rupees!
  11. I tried making a massive tower and I still have not finished the first floor.

  12. Im not even starting over your coming projects with gold en diamond ^^
  13. For those of you who dont think ill be able to do it, ill tell u that I'm VERY persistant!
  14. Yes.
  15. When you start on the gold one, I have plenty to donate, and then some diamonds as well.
  16. Just make one thread, as i am referring to you making two each time.
  17. This are kind of many threads xD