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  1. Hi guys, i have recently brought iron supporter and i'm just wondering, what's the commands do i now get? :p
  2. /map hide
    /map show
    /c supporter (/c s)

    That's all of them!
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  3. As well as the commands PenguinDJ said, you also get the ability to to login to a full server, automatically get a 400r daily bonus, and you are able to see the "Supporter Discussion" and "Supporter Auctions" forums. :)
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  4. I thought he just asked for the commands...
  5. He did - but I've often found that when people ask for "commands", what they often mean is "What can I do?". :)
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  6. /res message enter [message]
    /res message leave [message]
    More to come!
  7. Nope! That is for gold and diamond only