Iron silk-touch picks, 499 rupees

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  1. New, Iron "Silk Touch" pickaxes
    499 rupees

    SMP9, 19000, in "Enchanted Items"

  2. What texture pack is that
  3. its awesome what ever it is
  4. "Defscape".

    • Silk-touch iron picks, 499r
    • Silk-touch+efficiency diamond picks, 1699r
    • Unbreaking 3 + Efficiency 3 + Fortune diamond picks, 999r
    • Unbreaking 3 + Efficiency 3 diamond axes, 999r
    • Diamond chest-plate, protection III, 749r
    • Glowstone, 16 for 300r (18.75 each)
    • Ender pearls, 7r
    And much more,

    SMP9 19000
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  5. All the above are still available.
  6. Can a iron silk touch pick up diamond ore if so I'll take 3
  7. Yes, iron silk-touch picks can get diamond ore.

    They'll also get coal ore, lapis ore, redstone ore, grass blocks, mycelium, and huge mushroom blocks.

    And now, under 1.3, they'll get emerald ore and ice too!

    To buy them, please go to SMP9, /visit 19000 and head for "Enchanted items".

    If you have any problems finding them or, if you can't visit SMP9, just let me know and I'll happily deliver them to any server.

    Thanks :)

    • Silk Touch picks, 499 rupees, SMP9 19000
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  8. How do I get emerald ore
  9. Find it
  10. I mean where can I find it
  11. About 10,000 blocks away from any outpost
  12. You'll only get emerald ore in "new" chunks - that is, unexplored areas of the map. And only in extreme hills.
  13. *and "extreme hills edge".
    You can see the "biome" type in the f3 screen.