Iron Ingots ~ 5,5R Each

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  1. I am selling Iron Ingots for the amazing price ~ 5,5R each ingot!
    The residence where you can buy this cheap iron is 1111 SMP1

    Current Stock = 27 Large Chest
    Please give me a PM if you wish to buy more than a large chest ;-)

  2. That's a lot of iron. How long have you been saving?
  3. I dont have move perm
  4. Fixed :-3
    A few months :)
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  5. I will check it out soon
  6. the store opening again?
  7. Nahh, Just selling Iron, Stone and Stone Bricks outside the mall.
    It will re-open in the future
  8. ill buy DC of it :p Price - 9504 (i think i did that right)
  9. Nah the price for a DC of the stuff would be 19008 rupees.
  10. That is 2 Double Chests.
  11. The chest is empty.
  12. 5.5x3456(number of ingots in a DB chest)=19008 rupees.
  13. 19,008R
    Come SMP1 Now :D
  14. Refilling