Iron Golems

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  1. Is this in EMC wild?
  2. Did you make them?
  3. undefined
  4. undefined
  5. It looks like you have stumbled across somebody's start at a Iron Farm, you might be able to look for clues as to who's it is.
  6. Are you typing "undefined" on purpose.....or is there something wrong with my laptop....
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  7. duh?
  8. He is...
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  9. If you mean to reply with "Undefined" please respond with either of the following.
    1. Undefined.
    2. Undefined.
  10. Guys, I speak his language. undefined Undefined. Undefined undefined undefined? Undefined undefined!
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  11. Good to know we have a translator.
  12. Why do you keep doing that?
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  13. undefined
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  14. undefined
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  15. Using a friend's account
    Everytime I (guhenry3) post something, it just shows up as undefined. I'm (guhenry3) not typing that.
  16. thats strange tell a admin
  17. Posting as sophie0945 on behalf of guhenry3



    It's mine


    I (guhenry3) can't control it !!

    I did.
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  18. Finally it works now
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