Iron Golem not Spawning

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  1. Another issue. I've placed the correct configuration and yes the pumpkin was placed last as it should be. Before it is said, no it doesn't matter if it is a Lantern or a Pumpkin that is placed as doing this with the pumpkin still failed.
  2. I believe hayjam had the same problem as you did.
  3. That doesn't help me too much XD
  4. I had the same problem
  5. Either iron golem spawning doesn't work, you didn't put the pumpkin last, or you need a normal pumpkin. try those last two.
  6. You didn't read the whole post did you...
  7. okay, scratch the last one.
  8. Scratch your whole post. I did place the pumpkin last -_- Maybe with the server reboot they are doing now will fix it.
    EDIT: Still nothing.
  9. The iron farm in Zolara is still working so they still spawn.
  10. do you know if you can make 1 in your res?
  11. You can't - golems are disabled from spawning in town.
  12. Minecraft has some goofy problems with direction. I haven't heard of Golems being affected by it, but try building one facing in the other cardinal directions: North, South, East, and West.
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  13. Also that is a Jack 'O' Lantern, Not a pumpkin...
    Needs to be a pumpkin
  14. It can be either
  15. Oh Ok I stand Corrected sorry :)
  16. this problem is noticed and fixed, just have to wait for the update :)