Iron Golem Farm Buisness

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  1. My Buisness is to make Iron Golem Farms for people of the empire, for a price.

    The prices wil vary,
    Making Iron Golem farms consist of many villagers doors and building materials,
    lots of Wood doors,water buckets,lava bucket, any block for building and signs

    A Golem farm with 64 villagers (spawning 4) iron golems per minute will cost 50k
    A Golem Farm with 128 villagers (spawning 8) iron golems per minute will cost 70k
    A Golem Farm with 256 villagers (Spawing 16) iron golems per minute will cost 100k

    -I made 6 of them in my Single Player Creative and I nearly perfected all of them.

    Please pm if you want one ,or comment :)
  2. Will the 50k one include EVERYTHING? Materials,Villagers,etc?
  3. What if I supply the villagers? Will it be cheaper?
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  4. Okay and what if it doesn't work. Like you make it but then It doesn't spawn any iron golems. Also what if it gets greifed.
  5. I will include everything, even villagers
  6. But will price be lower if I provide?
  7. Well the only way it wouldn't work if there was a close by village, Iron golems automatically spawn to protect villagers. If it gets griefed I will replace no charge:) every 16 villagers a golem spawns so getting the higher priced ones are worth it
  8. If you do provide villagers it will only go down 2-3k. The work that goes into is the hardest part
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  9. And remember it is worth it, you can get a double chest of Iron Blocks in no time.
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  10. A Few Questions:

    How visible is this?
    How compact is this?
    Where will it be done? Sky? Underground? Ground level?
    Does the amount of villagers change the design of the machine?
    Is this always 100% 4 golems per minute?
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  11. i will buy if it is like this
  12. Ok it's done on ground level but can be modified to be underground, it's not very visible it's a 8by8 square looks sorta like a sink hole. The Spawing rate of golems (iron production) will be based off how many villagers you have in the chamber. And yes 4 Golems per minute according to Golem to villager ratio
  13. Lol no its not like that its more basic and smaller , that one huge and would take so muc time I wouldn't be able to take other orders
  14. I will travel far if you want it to be In a secret location, and town golems would be fun !
  15. Can u make a video or something of your version
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  16. You can go on YouTube and see it. Just type iron golem farm and it's from csperspective. The video is called Minecraft tuturial 1.3.1-Iron Golem Farm
  17. Well with 5k your not going to get nothing. The villagers that I have to buy for the Iron Golem farm go for 6-26k depends on which package you buy
  18. It's a lot harder to make them in multiplayer, by the way. So be cautious :)
  19. Updated Prices
    Bronze Package:32 villagers (4 golems per minute) 30k
    Silver Package:64 villagers (8 golems per minute) 50k
    Gold Package:128 villagers (16 golems per minute)70k

    Villagers can be added to villager pens to increase Golem spawning*