Iron Farm

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by ChillyDilly_, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Well,

    For a while now i have wanted my own private Iron farm for personal use. I just havent had the time with school and crap. So im looking for someone to build the iron farm that would do caving around it to make it more efficient and build a good iron farm not a crappy 1 cell one. Anyways I wanted to know what this would cost and if u can build me one PM me and we can negotiate a price. :)
  2. caving doesn't affect iron farms
  3. Actual, caving can affect an iron farm, though it doesn't really affect efficiency. It depends on the setup. I will agree that if you had a small 3 cell, 90 monsters won't really affect anything. But if he were to build a 24 cell with kill boxes on each stack, then yes, he would need to control all mob spawns due to having a ten entity leeway. Without it, after the first 10 mobs that spawned you get the chance of your villagers being killed off and slowly deactivating all of your cells. However, caving is bothersome and time consuming. Just build them in the end, then you can max out your 36 cell farm. :)
  4. Make the spawner 100 blocks in the air and no caving is necessary.