Iron farm

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  1. Price:Offers over 5k

    Item: iron farm and skeleton spawner

    Info: iron farm is 1 cell 2 golems every 7min

    Spawner: never touched

    I will select the best offer on 2/28/13
  2. Does any1 like iron?
  3. You already have a thread about this. There is no reason to start another.
  4. The other tread has been cloesd, BigDavie has told him to create another thread at the right place I believe
  5. The previous one he had was in the auction section, so Bigdavie closed it for him and told him to start it here. Stormboy, could you tell me which server this is on? I might be interested. :)
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  6. Smp4 only 15-20min away from spawn
  7. You may not auction spawners, locations or similar.

    This implies that you are trying to auction these (again).

    A better format for this would be something such as "10K or best offer", making it seem less like am auction. Bigdavie has partially mentioned this at

    You were also asked to post this in a different section. :)
  8. you are charging 5k for a one celled gollum spawner? pfffft i can have a 4 celled made for 10k and the skelly location really isnt even a plus unless you have atleast worked on it a little post a pic and maybe this will look more appetizing to someone cause atm it sounds like you put some villagers in a box with doors.

    some things you might want to include: is it above ground, does it have a kill system, is the area secure that kind of stuff.

    dont mean to sound like a prig, only trying to help u understand why people might not be bidding
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  9. I'm not trying to auction I just said it ends on 2/28/13

    Plus right now not a good time for me fish is have a heart attack :'(
  10. The word "outbid" alone implies an auction.

    Sorry to hear about the fish. :(
  11. She died :(

    But I mean if 2 people put 5k they both cant win right?
  12. bid doesent imply auction btw it implys naming your price you are willing to pay. technically it means to issue an order for, you bid when you haggle
  13. Let everyone use it and you become famous
  14. I have edited the OP to make it appear less like an auction.
    And moving to the correct forum.
  15. Thx so much big.d
  16. once again: some things you might want to include: is it above ground, does it have a kill system, is the area secure that kind of stuff.
  17. It is above the ground it don't have an auto kill but it has a ark spot were they can just drop and you can use a stone sword to kill them plus you can make an Xperia farm from the skeleton spawner