Iron farm output fluctuating

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  1. I don't think this has much to do with the design of the farm but I've noticed that the productivity of the farm (the # of golems spawned) fluctuates quite a bit. There have been days when the farm spits out a couple DCs of ingots and then other days I'm lucky if I get a single DC.

    Anyone share this experience with other types of farms or share any knowledge they have about spawning mechanics?
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  2. I went around and found a single iron golem that spawned outside of the farm and I killed him and spawn rates seemed to pick up.
  3. Question if anybody knows... if you use the "cell" model for an iron farm... is it supposed to be 10 villagers per cell? If so, does it matter what side they go on?
  4. you probably heared that emc got his own ''rules'' about farms. And yes its 10 and after putting 2 it should auto breed, but now the server is 1,8 and needs you to make them whilling to breed im not sure. good luck on your farm!
  5. :) talk to sgt.peper he will know also make sure there are no doors in the area also to more doors on yoyr farm the better
  6. I have a 12 unit iron farm at my old farm. I had 16 villagers per unit, 4 per side and the villager cell was made completely of glass so nothing can spawn there and stop the production.

    Does it matter what side they are on? It does but it's also important what else is around as far as mobs. Once you hit the mod cap limit villagers will start being killed off. Like I said I have 4 per side but my area also does not spawn anything I don't want.
  7. Only need 10 villagers. Adding anymore doesn't actually increase rates. Also side it goes on is completely up to you too :). They think it's a village whatever side they are so the golems will spawn anyway.
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  8. Well, I have found at least part of the problem. Out of the 21 cells in this farm, so far I have found 5 that didn't have at least 10 villagers. Since I've been going through and getting them all up to 10+ I'm start to see a lot more spawning so that's good.

    This isn't my farm I'm using but I can tell it's been griefed in the past although I can't say for sure if that's why the villager count is low. I've also heard of villagers despawning if the entcount gets too high.

    Either way, I'm happier now :)
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