Iron Farm Glitch

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  1. So PAVI259 just created a new Iron Farm for us on Smp3 at our Frontier settlement. It works fine except that every time someone logs out from our base when 2 or more people are there, all the signs on the left side of the horizontal water tube, detach themselves, burn in the lava and then the lava flows out creating cobble, smooth stone and blocking up the Iron Golems, backing up the system. We fixed it 4 times now, change the distance of the tube, added more signs. And yet the signs on the left keep falling off, burning and breaking the iron farm. I know log ins and log outs probably have nothing to do with it, but I wanted to include all the information. Thanks!
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  2. This wouldn't be an iron farm glitch, just a sign glitch. Try downloading the map files then testing it on SP to determine whether this is an SMP bug, or a SP bug and then if you allow the files to be downloaded by us we can see if it's Vanilly or Bukkit or Spigot or EMC's fault.
  3. Submit this to the bug team, Fluznoss: JackBiggin and AlexChance.
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  4. In the past, I have had placed item frames that were right At chunk boundaries fall off seemingly randomly.
    That issue was fixed.
    Are the signs right on a chunk boundary?
    Just curious.
  5. I also had issues where signs would pop off the walls allowing water to flow through. I ended up just changing the design a bit, but doesn't sound like that would be possible in this situation.
  6. Thanks everyone! I changed the design of the farm a bit by eliminating the horizontal glass water tube at the bottom. I know I didn't solve what was creating the problem and I know this doesn't help if the problem comes up again in the future, but for my immediate situation, this seems to be working. Thanks and sorry and thanks!