Ipod touch and portable gaming.

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by copherfield, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. As everyone might know, ipod touch is an awesome platform for portable gaming, wich is also an ipod, camera, photos, vids, internet surfing and more.

    But also, you can play multiplayer and even cross-platform games wich is awesome.

    I just got one (4th gen) and gaming on it it's epic.

    I got many games already (some of them paid):
    • Asphalt 6 (adrenaline) (paid)
    • Front Line Commando (free)
    • Mega Jump (paid)
    • Tiny wings (paid)
    • Glass tower 3
    • Sky burger
    • others...

    Well, i believe the only ones (from wich i got) that go outside of the 'arcade style' you get on ipod are Asphalt 6 and FLCommando, you should check them out...

    My cousin wants to get a portable gaming platform, and i told him about the itouch, but, what you guys think? what is the best pgp?

    (check some pics of my games here)

    IMG_0156[1].PNG IMG_0157[1].PNG IMG_0158[1].PNG IMG_0159[1].PNG
  3. what's with tiny wings?
    its awesome.