iPod Touch 5G

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Do you like the iPod Touch 5th generation?

YES! 16 vote(s) 55.2%
I don't... 13 vote(s) 44.8%
  1. I'm getting a iPod touch 5th generation on pre-order. What does everyone think of it? It hasn't gotten very much attention because of the iPhone 5. Post your thoughts in the comments.
  2. I like it a lot... The iPod Touch needed a big refresh. But I'm happy with my iPad 1. :)
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  3. When i say this i thought you ment 5 Gigabyte and i was like "wtf???"
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  4. I love the different colours. What colour are you getting? I have an unopened iPod 4G that I am thinking of selling so I can get a 5G.
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  5. That would be funny... I'm getting a 32GB.
  6. I'm getting a black one with a creeper hard cover.
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  7. Awwww yeah boyyy
  8. I have had 1 to many mountain dews
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  9. I'm probably getting it, but using it barely as I am getting the iPhone 4 from my mom soon. (My dad gets the iPhone 5 and my mom gets 4S)
  10. Someone said no? Why did that person say no?
  11. Rumple Bumpkins.
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  12. The 5th generation iPod touch is a nice addition to the iPod family. It has an A5 processor which is currently used on the iPhone 4S. The enlarged screen size is a nice improvement on previous models. It also will have Siri on it. Overall, if you can't get an iPhone, a 5th generation iPod touch is a good purchase.
  13. Cool do you plan on jailbreaking it?
  14. It'll be a while before any iOS 6 jailbreaks are out... and they might be for A4s if we see another iOS 5 episode.
  15. I just googled it and some are out already(I think)
  16. If you jailbreak it, you are doing so at your own risk. Once an Apple device is jailbroken, the warrant is voided.
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  17. I bought a 2 year warranty, I don't even know how to jailbreak it.
    Anyone know of a release date for the iPod?
  18. The only thing apple has said about when you can actually buy the iPod is that it will be in "October"
  19. Apple isn't doing us any good...
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  20. By saying the name of a month they mean the 12th, 21st or 25th. Usually the 25th.