iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner hacked (plus a question, and an unrelated poll)

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  1. http://metro.co.uk/2013/09/22/iphone-5s-fingerprint-scanner-touch-id-already-hacked-4081575/

    Yes, I know it is old news, but I thought of (what I think is) an interesting question.

    Why waste time and money playing around with "innovating" a security technology that has been proven time after time to be easy to bypass, when they could be trying to make an advanced enough front facing camera for dual purposes? It could be used as a camera (duh), but also as retina scanner.

    I know it would be hard to use during a few instances, but it could be dual layered. If it can't register a retina, then ask for a password. Its a simple idea. The technology behind the idea might not be simple, but its better money spent than continuing to invest in fingerprint scanners and lying to people by saying it is not crackable.

    Just a note, the question above is poking at all phone makers who are currently thinking about or using a fingerprint scanner.
  2. Yeah the finger print access is stupid. well thats my opinion.
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  3. already saw this a few days ago. Pretty funny how the group found it only after a 2 day releasel.
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