Invitation to an Island

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  1. Hi.

    There is a fairly large rectangular shaped island north-west to the frontier west outpost (smp6), reachable in about 1 day travel by boat.

    We are now in the very early stage of developing and exploring this island. The current number of islander is... quite small.

    We will welcome anyone interested in building a new community here together!
    We need your help! Join us!

    In the Nether, there is a shortcut path from the west outpost to the island. Of course, you can also travel across the ocean just to enjoy a change of pace sometime.

    Contact me! Experienced players and nooby players are both very very welcome!
  2. Let me introduce our (also going to be your) island in some pictures.

    This is the island. The directional post will take you to a bay.

    Temporal Base

    Seen at night from another angle. A gorge in the front.

    From above. Hello, it's me, hiko_bellick.
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  3. This looks like a nice project, but I am not completely sure it will make the grade to become an outpost. According to AlexChance's post on setting up an Outpost via this thread :

    Alex specifically points out that Outposts must be at least 5,000 blocks away from all EMC Frontier Outposts. I am not sure if they try to do diagonal co-ordinates or not, but where this island is located is within 5k blocks to the west and north of that EMC Frontier Outpost.

    While I am by no means trying to put a damper on your amazing endeavor here; I am just suggesting to see if you can get approval for that plot prior to getting a community eager to be established, and then it is not plausible. If it were me, I would catch up with a staff member and get their recommendations.

    Good Luck on your adventure, and Long Live the Empire!
  4. Oh jee, I wasn't thinking about the north outpost :rolleyes: and thought the north east side of the island could be established as an outpost if i want to. Thanks for letting me know!

    Well... My next project might have to be the great migration!

    Anyway, what I just need to make sure is that it is not prohibited to build things anywhere outside the outpost, right?
  5. dude! :D I Like this place. hope it turns into an outpost! :p
  6. If that were me standing on that pillar, I wouldn't fallen down and died waaaaay before I would've managed to take that picture. XD
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  7. aaaand 2 month after his arrival on the island, Hikojima-island now has 9-10 people!
    everyone is welcome to join the team!
    the island looks like this right now :D

    contact me if you want to visit or you can just visit the island start building your house (don't just bother anyone's building path and place there are plenty of land!) and just say hi whenever you see people around!