Invisible Mobs

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  1. so im new to Empire Mincraft, so i went out to the wild to collect mats to build. I started a mine out in a swamp and ran into a cave. While i was mining out the iron a invisible creeper came up to me and exploded. I didnt die from it cause i moved when i heared the hissing, i went back to mine the ore and again another creeper came up and exploded. i dont know if its a memory issue or something else but zombies and skeletons are also invisible but only the bow standing there, but i can see spiders and other non-threatening mobs I.E. cows/sheep etc.

    EDIT: zombies can be seen and i tryed to quickly log out and log back in when i encountered the invisible mobs but that didnt fix anything.
  2. say what now? same ing' happened to me. we're glitch bros!
  3. i met a guy in the wild but it was day time, he didnt know anything about it, :D welcome to the club lol
  4. Here's what happened, i went into the wild with an inventory full of splash potion of invisibility and ... yeah thats probably why. :D
  5. wait what? Im completely new, i only had the starting items from the tutorial. I didnt have anything else so i dont think thats the reason why ... but who knows :/
  6. I think what pateraterick is saying is he brewed some splash potions of invisibility and then used them on TONS of mobs in the wild. Blame him -_-
  7. Invisibility potions don't actually work on EMC...

    Also, just to day, it's probably just some connection issues. The servers seem to be very laggy around this time. Then they get all better in about 12 hours when everyone gets on.
  8. LOL that would sound right only if it worked and the mobs spawned inside my mining cave :D, @mba2012 thanks i guess i'll just take a break and come back and see if its still happening
  9. I found that out the hard way and wasted a good golden carrot.
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  10. They worked when Max threw them on a few of us...
  11. For admins then
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  12. They're evolving into new lethal creatures.
  13. i really hope not, i cant keep up :D !! on another note i tryed playing around 4-5pm this afternoon and the mobs were no longer invisible and had proper skins, just got back from work and am now going to try and play to see if it is persisting

    EDIT: so i just logged in and the mobs were clearly visible and im no longer having any issues, thanks for everyone that commented and gave advice
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  14. It was when they were brand new so maybe it got disabled since then...
  15. He can't thos potions are banned from emc
  16. They were always disabled I should think.
  17. *evolving, evoluting does not exist :)
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  18. Invis potions only work when used by a admin

    they would despawn, and not random show back up on another player still invis even if they did work
  19. Are you by chance using any mods? I noticed the same thing and looked it up online and linked it to "Forge" which is another version of "modloader" and it's still kind of iffy with things like that.
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  20. I had thought that since they worked that meant they weren't disabled... Anyway enough of this it doesn't really matter, we know they're disabled now ;)