Inventory Tweaks Question

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  1. I just started using this mod and came across this in the Options on it:

    Um...what does this "Server Hack" button do? I downloaded the mod from the forums and it is allowed here on EMC. I just don't want to be kicked for some kind of "Server Hack" dealie. >.>
  2. It tries to bypass anti-InvTweak plugins (like NoCheatPlus) for some servers. :)
  3. Oh. So since it's allowed on EMC I have nothing to worry about? I just saw HACK and was a bit worried haha.
  4. Adventure Time!
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  5. I think so, the mod definitely is :)
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  6. Status: Pandaseatramen
    Perm-banned FOREVER
    Reason: Using Hacks and ignoring that one kid on smp5
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  7. LOL.
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