Inventory Pets

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  1. Inventory Pets could be promos that help you out. An inventory pet would look like a certain mob's head and be enchanted. Each one would unique and help you in different ways. Each potion effect lasts for 15 seconds.

    Ocelot - Speed every once in a while

    Villager - 1 emerald every hour

    Blaze - Fire Resistance every once in a while

    Guardian - Water Breathing every once in a while

    Spider - Night Vision every once in a while

    Enderman - 1 ender pearl every 10 minutes

    So on. These promos would be more unique, and rather quite helpful in certain situations, and only work if they are in your inventory.
  2. I like the idea of it, however I feel like it should be tweaked. I'll edit it in later though.
  3. I noticed that the blaze head is like the maxarian head.
  4. But that's a right click action, and sets you on fire. However that's only once every 24 hours.
  5. sounds like that mod
    But I like the idea.
  6. +1 Yay for enderpearls
  7. It literally is like the mod and I also like that idea.
  8. +1 Like the idea however this may be a little overpowered, with the villager head one you can AFK for a while and come back to more and more emeralds. Needs a little tweaking but overall I like this idea
  9. I don't see any use in this. While we do add a few pinches of chocolate to the vanilla of our server, we don't want to make it plain chocolate ( Im hungry now :eek: ). -1 from me as you can just simply buy a potion that lasts longer for cheaper than these heads.
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  10. I use a mod called Inventory Pets on my singleplayer worlds sometimes so I really love this idea. ;)
    +1 from me. :)
  11. It's one every 30 minutes.
  12. 48 emeralds a day is way too op -1
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  13. I doubt it will be implemented but I like the idea :)

    Also with the villager it is GENIUS to do that. Who needs voting when you got afk villager emerald farming :)
  14. 1 emerald per hour? :confused:

    Also emeralds are useless for the most part
  15. ...

    Go to FatAndy's res on smp8. Then tell me if they are useless...

    Also you can get enchanted books, weapons, diamonds and more! They are NOT useless to clarify :)
  16. "for the most part"

    Also an excessive amount of emeralds are used for those trades, so 48 would be enough for two trades with most Villagers.
  17. I love this idea! I do, however, feel like the villager and enderman ones are a little op. Maybe every hour for villager and 20 min for enderman? Or maybe have it build up some sort of progress bar as you move around and do stuff? I don't know. Do whatever. It's awesome either way!

  18. I'm with WitherAddict and testman12345. The Emerald part is indeed OP. -1 from me. I think that 24-48 a day is silly for just standing there. If we could have something like you need to jump 300 times for a set of 8 emeralds, then that would be ok. Idk, something to that nature. Still -1 :p
  19. +1 A little tweaking and boom <3