Inventory glitch

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  1. So apparently if you make a shop for buying/selling 32 ender pearls at a time, the stack glitch will trigger. See attached screen shot.

    I'd imagine this can occur with eggs, heck, maybe even 128 iron ingots at a time. This makes running an Ender Pearl exchange difficult or impossible.

    I hope this can get fixed somehow.



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  2. Not a glitch. Used and know about.
  3. Known issue, low priority though. Items won't ever stack over 64 though
  4. Is this considered an exploit?
  5. Just don't use it in the mobarena and you should be fine.
  6. What res is this? I want some pearl stacks :)
  7. No
    You can't use enderpearls in the mobarena?
  8. I meant the general stacking of items that aren't normally stacked.
  9. I think he's referencing the sign they posted about Stacked items get you banned from the arena. I think they only specify a few things and some people don't know they can't use enderpearls.
  10. This is res 411 on smp1. I have tons of many items, and buy/sell exchange style.