[invention] klackenskorter

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  1. Klackenskorter- noun

    Johnson corporations’ definition:

    The klackenskorter is a mechanical brain cell developed by scientist Finklefraps mc Coilyoilyarpston in the year 2187. Implantation first requires brain surgery procedure 6255_A9_DWINDLEBASE, a procedure that involves removing the Silus Orthodox, a brain cell that stores memories from your imagination such as dreams and old moments with your pretend friends. In the spot of the Silus Orthodox, the klackenskorter is placed and activated by a non-stop 3 hour video gaming session of intense, stimulatingly violent games such as Call of Duty, the Fallout series, etc. If you start feeling the pain and emotions your charater feels, it’s a good sign that the klackenskorter has kicked in. What the klackenskorter does is it acts as a gaming system and contacting device. You can receive and transmit brain messages. And you can transport your mind into a videogame character by turning on the exclusive klackenskorter gaming console, entering your klackenskorter ID (which you will automatically know with the klackenskorter in your mind), inserting a klackenskorter-compatible video game in the console, and going to sleep. You will feel taste, touch, smell, sight and sound. Pain and suffering will be toggleable. You can quit by killing yourself in-game.