[ INVENTION ] Block Settings

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by lntra, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. I had made up my very 1st invention with redstone!

    If this has been already been invented, please forgive me . . .

    No mods are needed to do this :)

    Here are some photos for this. I used lamps and glowstone for example :p

  2. so what does it do??
  3. Change the blocks to the right one you want ( limit 2 )
  4. i get it, so you could have a dirt doorway and have it a diamond block doorway in the flick of a switch? cool!
  5. Yep, but you need a lot of pistons ;)
  6. I am adding this to my signature :p
  7. I discovered an Undetectable Button, but it soon turned out it had already been done...
  8. I dont get it :S
  9. Cool.
    I couldn't build it.
  10. Cool "invention" tried it out a bit, but it can be messed up very easily... (Turning both switches on at the same time) I am having trouble thinking clear tonight; but I will see if I can find a decent logic gate for this...
  11. Ok, I made some changes to the design... with this design... it is pretty well foolproof. If you want to know how to make it, either use the screenshots, This link (C), or just ask me :)


    Edit: I uploaded a file... 2012-09-03_04.17.59.png a more basic design, that won't take a 2 year degree in Redstone to recreate :p
  12. Nice thing! does it work with glass and wood?
  13. With my version of it... it would work with any item that be pushed by a piston