Introvert or Extrovert?

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  1. So my question to you EMC,(people that are reading this in the forums), what type of personality, person you are.

    There are three categories you may be:

    Introvert: they are typically more reserved or reflective.

    Extravert: they tend to enjoy human interactions and to be enthusiastic, talkative, assertive, and gregarious.

    Both: They have some characteristics that are "extra" and "intro" at the same time.

    So comment down and tell me what are you in real life.

    Example: I'am an introvert teen, I love to be alone, but sometimes like the companion of family members and friends. But I am mostly all the time I front of a screen living in my bubble that no one cares except me.

    Thanks for reading, thinking about this topic. And if you enjoyed this thread please tell me so I can think of other topics so the community may connect in a certain way and have a great and constructive chat.
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  2. Note: Can a moderators fix the title? Please typing in an smart phone isn't the best keyboard.
  3. I don't see "pervert" listed.
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  4. You want to add it to the list?
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  5. And that's a good thing, right?
  6. Damn you, I'm gonna wake up the house now, laughing so hard.
  7. Introvert
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  8. imma smp8ert ^.^

    its true! i live on smp4, which is half of 8 so im related. and this had me laughing out loud too much ;)
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  9. "Don't be a hater, be an 8'er!" #smpgr8
  10. The word for both is ambivert, and it's extrovert just in case you didn't know. :)
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  11. I suppose you could call me a bit of both. At times like now, I prefer to be alone sitting on my computer with a few energy drinks, some music and my computer. However,non better days, I'm definitely an extrovert.
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  12. I kenw that the autocorrect of my Phone changed the Word.

  13. It really depends. Lately I have been a huge extrovert... But before I've acted like an introvert.
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  14. But thanks for the reminder of my stupidity :D
  15. I can definitely tend to be an introvert, especially since I can barely even talk in front of my own class for no longer than 10 seconds without shaking and stuttering =P
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  16. Who woulda thunk that picturing everyone naked (a "supposed" tactic to stop stage fright) would, in fact, make everything worse?
  17. I am a mix of both. I enjoy human interactions and being with friends, but I am not really energetic.
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  18. I am only an extrovert with my friends on emc, irl I am the quiet one.
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  19. I'm mostly an introvert, but there are times I'll come out of my shell and be an extrovert.
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