Introductions are due, apparently.

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  1. Hello, my (Mc) name is Trever911, I am a self-proclaimed Redstoner, and I love anything that has redstone in it, or has to do with it. I am a lover of Sci-fi, Manga, and Animé. I am really bad at pvp, unless I have a command block. :p
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  2. Welcome to the Empire, glad to have you here :D
  3. Welcome :D what is your favorite/best redstone creation?
  4. Welcome. Are you planning a redstone business ?
  5. Do you know how to make a tnt elevator? I saw one once, but I haven't managed to duplicate it.
  6. Welcome! Hope you have a great time on this server! It is one of the best. If you need anything, ask anybody anywhere, anytime! :p What server do you call home?
  7. A Redstone buisness, THAT would be an ideal job I could have here on the Empire. I just need a reliable source of redstone and that can be a vision come to this 'reality' here.
  8. I have put on my profile what my top 2 inventions were, they both happen to be with teleportation, and are on a private adventure map I designed. One project I've been working on though may top both of those inventions..
  9. Red stone is available from several sources. Some even pretty cheap. A good business model may be to have the client provide red stone up front
  10. Ahhh, an SMP6-ian
  11. I have recently bought a stack of redstone blocks (quite accidentally) and I believe that'll support me for a while. If not, my friend ThatOneAndres said he'll lend me his Fortune pick. Which of whom I've moved next to, from Smp1 to Smp6.
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  12. Let me know once you make an kind of redstone contraption. I myself love redstone on any shape or form :)
  13. I also am from smp6 and generally keep 2 Dcs of red stone on hand. If you need some I'll sell it cheap
  14. My bro says: hey there!! So I'm a lover of anime and manga, tell me ure reccomadations, and I'll tell u mine
    (Tell me in a PM)
  15. Welcome to EMC! What SMP you on?
    I am really bad at everything, but that does not stop me from playing!

    Redstone creations are amazing. What I would recommend, is making part of your res, a 'display' area for what you can build for others at their resses.
    Noting like having your res advertise for you!
    You can even have signs up in front of creations for the approximate costs!

    I too love sci-fi.

    Good luck, and hope to see you around!
  16. Welcome to the Empire :) If you need any help send me a PM or hop onto SMP7 and I'll gladly help you :)