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  1. Well, I don't think Ive done one of these. Ive been a member of the empire since December, but joined the forums in January. Im currently in the US but may move to the Netherlands once Im done w/ school. Im a soccer fanatic mainly a Man Utd. fan but I think their all good except liverpool FC ;).
    Im a Christian and Im not ashamed of that. I love to listen to todays music just because of the new beats they use than the beat they used back in 1980's :). Im very opening to new friends but before you reach out you have to reach up, so i suggest getting to know me better than just jumping at me like a kindergartner saying "We're friends now!", and as most smp7 players know and maybe some smp8 players, Im a little weird and funny when Im on, but when something serious arises Im pretty mature. So thats me.
  2. Welcome to the Empire :p
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  3. Welcome to the Empire =)
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  4. Welcome! I support Man Utd also, best team in the world for sures. :D However, I still think that music from the 80's is very nice. I have songs on my phone and favourites lists going back to the 60's/70's going all the way up to this very year. There are good beats on all sorts of songs, not just the ones made today! :)
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  5. Welcome to the Empire ww2fan. If you want to listen to good music I suggest the Oldie Goldies. (50,60 and early 70's).
    Enjoy your stay. :)
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  6. Thanks for the intro! Glad to see you are still having fun here. :)
  7. "Welcome to the Empire!"
  8. Welcome to EMC! Even though you've been on longer than me. :D
    I love this place... So yall are stuck with me like it or not lol.
  9. Welcome I guess, even though you aren't that new :p
  10. You won't like the city I live in then (Liverpool, obvs.). No matter how bad Liverpool FC can be, you will get jumped for that. Any real scouser will beat you up for supporting Man United or buying The Sun! :D

    And I just happen to be a scouser. So watch out. And stuff.

    (Jk. We're nice people. The point about The Sun still stands though. Seriously, don't buy that god-awful newspaper in this city, they like to shame us over the Hillsborough Disaster and blame it on us and stick up for the corrupt policeforce we had in the 1900s. Not that sane people believe them, but them saying that all scousers are disgusting human beings who looted dead, dying and injured people on that day is the main reason why people want it shut down)
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  11. Welcome to the Empire...from a Liverpool fan. ;) Just joined myself a few days ago, if you want to ever hang out and "discuss" football, I'll be on Server 5! ;)
    I feel as if you (SoulPunisher) and I would get along just fine. :cool: