Introducing Wasteland Outposts

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  1. I am proud to announce a new feature for the Wasteland called outposts. Outside the Wasteland spawn building you will find a new pavilion that has portals to the different Wasteland outposts (currently just one). It is basically a fast travel system to get to new areas of the Wasteland that would normally take days to walk to (the first outpost (A) takes you 10,000 blocks south).

    This feature was an anonymous suggestion in our last community survey. Thanks!
  2. During my first week in the Empire I noticed that there was a problem with depleted resources due to having only one access point into the wasteland.

    This absolutely and utterly resolves that problem. :)

    It effectively adds another access point.

    Perfect! :)
  3. Can't wait to check it out
  4. I, for one, love this new update.

    I can't wait for west and eastern Outposts to come out!
  5. Justin,

    Well there be live map additions for the outpost?
  6. I'm not Justin, but I'll clarify this for you Starcraft...

    The outposts don't lead to other worlds, they lead to a far away location in the wasteland. The live map you would use is the wasteland live map.
  7. Liz i know you would but its a pain in the ass to drag the live map all the way to 10,000 cubes down. I'm thinking we should have like a bookmark for the different outpost.
  8. yeh i cany wait and what a bout the rubee system:):confused::cool::D
  9. Starcraft, if you click on your name in the list on the right of the live map it will focus the map on your location. Also, if you press on the icon (the image of your face) instead of the name the map will follow you around (click the icon again to make it stop following you).
  10. However, it may be a nuisance to actually have to go to the outpost to be able to center the map. I think it might be convenient to be able to click it just like any of the worlds in the list, just for a little scouting.
  11. I will look into adding this :)
  12. Quick question geared towards Justin...will you be adding this feature to the nether when 1.9 is released?
  13. I have not thought about doing this for other worlds yet. The nether would be as easy as placing a nether portal at the outpost. I was actually planning on having a discussion about resetting the nether with 1.9 (dont freak out if you dont want this, that is why I said a "discussion").
  14. I agree with resetting the nether. its full of random crap and the new nether ruins would be nice to have :D
  15. Ok, so since the discussion seems to have begun... (lol)

    First of all t6ler, what you call "random crap" might be someone else's little fort that they love, or perhaps a trail marker to thier favourite location in the nether, or cover laid down to avoid ghast fire balls. I know there are a lot of blocks just left behind mindlessly too, but I don't see that as a reason to reset the nether myself.

    Have you been to the nether recently? Have you seen all the new safe tunnels? What about the Pandemonium Fortress? (I just know mentioning it is going to get it totally trashed, but it's already been defiled anyway... and really, the fun is in the creation mostly anyway.)

    I see absolutely no need to reset the nether, especially with the new outposts in place. These new outposts also open up fresh, untouched nether fields, as Justin insinuated. I don't see the nether, or the wasteland, needing to be reset for a very long time.

    As far as 1.9 content in the nether that will only show up in newly generated areas, if the section of nether connected to the current, southern, outpost has already been generated we can still venture out a bit to access new 1.9 generated areas without too much effort. And you can be sure I'll be initiating the building of safe tunnels to those areas myself.

    One thing that would make access to the nether easier for those who are a little timid about making portals and exploring the fiery wastes is if a portal was built right next to the latest outpost, out in plain sight.

    But then, really, is the nether even supposed to be easy to access?

    ...I'd say no.
  16. I'd agree with Dark_Liz saying that resetting the worlds is unneeded. Especially with these new outposts (which development IMHO was a fabulous idea) we will have enough stuff in all three worlds for everybody. 10,000 blocks in every direction that is a very good chance for everyone find what they need. I also think that the Nether is not as explored as the wasteland so while finding new places, the new structures will definitely be generated somewhat near spawn. I think with the recent developments like the Wilderness or the Outposts there is no need for any resets. I think this server is undergoing a splendid progress so that there are no major changes to be made in the upcoming future.
  17. I read somewhere that, the world generation is near infinite. We struggled for a while to come up with ideas so that we wouldn't have to take away creations within the worlds as we do know that some people much prefer that environment to town and work hard to establish things in said areas. With the outposts, I see no reason why we would have to go the route or resetting any of the worlds and am glad we ended up going this route.
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  18. Worlds are technically infinite, but there is a point at which the chunks start to cause errors. However, it takes a long time to reach this boundary, something in the order of millions of blocks.
  19. doing some monuments and alot of skybridge work, just north of the southern outpost, look for the the closest mountain, there will (hopefuly still) be a forked tower on top