Introducing the amazing: Johnsface!

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  1. Not too much to say about me; I am nearly 17, I work for a tax service called Liberty Tax; not for too much longer...

    I enjoy lasers and computers; nearly finished with high-school and am the "Class clown" in a sense :p
  2. Welcome to the Empire, Johnsface. Hope you enjoy yourself.

    Are you one that works in the office, or one of the people they have out wandering around in the statue of liberty costumes advertising?
  3. Fantastic. :D
  4. yeah; tax season ends in 26 days; really looking forwards too it! I enjoyed it for the first few weeks are so, now it just drags on! and I sprained my wrist; and my boss got onto me about not being energetic enough, after a week ago saying I need to not spin the sign so much so they can read read it xD
  5. I wish it was Krib, I'm white though! xD lol but I'm pretty good, not videos though, sorry.
  6. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  7. Thank you Alex; Love the sig Btw. :p
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  8. I lol'd when i saw the video
  9. And why is that? you try that!!! lol