Introducing Northern Bliss Resort!

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  1. This project has closed due to real-life commitments.
  2. This sounds cool! I might look into donating soon. :D
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  3. This sounds really nice :) Can't wait to see it when you finish !
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  4. Bump! :3
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  5. Wow guys, thanks for all the great donations! We really appreciate them! :)
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  6. Excited to see what you and alyattayla can combine to create! Sure it will be awesome :)
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  7. I'll be donating 10k when I can get on next. :D
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  8. Awesome cant wait to see it!
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  9. Update:
    mba2012 has generously donated 10,000 rupees! Thanks! :)
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  10. sounds awesome. id defiantly like to reserve and donate some items.

    What are you guys in need of?
  11. gray wool, white wool, glowstone and glass probably :)
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  12. I got you on glass lol. Set me a reservation in the penthouse for a couple days
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  13. Awesome, thanks! Alyattayla and I will discuss the prices, depending on how many days you'd like. :)
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  14. Awesome. Just tell me when it's ready and such, I'll be home soon to donate and provide moral support for the building lol.

    What's the res# and smp?
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  15. Res and SMP are stated in the OP. :)
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  16. Bump! :)
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  17. Update: This project will use a lot of rupees - we cannot rely on donations, so Alyattayla and I are putting up sets of auctions, you can find them in the OP. :)
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  18. Due to real life commitments, this project is unable to go on. Sorry guys..
    I'll refund your donation ASAP.
  19. :( Well, good luck with your commitments.

    If you ever want to start up again, I'll be more than happy to re-donate. :)