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what do you hate about me?

am I anoyying 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I suck in spelling 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. Hello My name is stevedagher905 my real name is (steve)
    I would like to introduce my self. I like the server a lot and I think Notch should come and give the server 5 Stars!
    I just joined now and I had so much fun and also made 2 nice friends and I also want to meet the
    Owner and the Mods'Admins and Co_owners.
    Most people hate me in others servers becouse My age is 10
    and Im kind of anoyying.
    so just want to say that the server is so nice and I am in SMP8.
    First day I had a Blast! so I decided to help the server out
    So I just want to make some more friends and help people I just want to meet a admin or the Owner
    Becouse I like them.
    thank you for reading this [By stevedagher905]
    good luck :D

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  2. Welcome to EMC! I hope you continue having a great time here! :)
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  5. Happy birthday and welcome! Just ignore all the cakes, tomatoes, biscuits, cows and pigs you meet and you'll stay alive!

    (no offense to all the cakes, tomatoes, biscuits, cows and pigs out there)
  6. If you think people hate you, which you shouldn't, don't introduce yourself with a poll entitled "what do you hate about me?".

    Sure your writing could be better, but it's probably just a result of this generation of children being raised around computers. When I was your age, I was practicing my handwriting with pencils to earn my pen license, which entitled us to use pens at school. The first computers we used in about fifth grade simply helped us learn simple maths as far as I can remember, we still wrote everything on paper. When we got our first household computer I really only used it for games, I wasn't aware of anything akin to Notepad or Word and I certainly wasn't exposed to the Internet. In seventh grade we took regular computer classes, a large focus of which was improving typing skills in the form of a "type-quickly-and-correctly-to-make-the-character-run-fast-and-not-get-eaten-by-the-monster" type game. I assure you it helped tremendously.

    These days, kids grow into a electronically driven world and are introduced to the Internet and online games at an incredibly early age, effectively bypassing all the prerequisite knowledge that my generation was privileged enough to have. This raises two major concerns; that exposure to the Internet at a young age inhibits children's ability to learn essential linguistic skills, and that unpleasant interactions with other people can have severe psychological repercussions, possibly more so than those from real world experiences in school for example.

    So what I'm trying to say is, acknowledge your own shortcomings (things you aren't too good at) and motivate yourself to improve them. Spend some more time writing in a real notepad with a pencil or pen. Work on your penmanship, your spelling, your grammar and all the little things like punctuation and capitalization. Don't let the Internet be a negative influence on your scholarly potential.