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  1. Updating All my Posts <3
    Hello, My Real Name Is Roxanne.
    I like Foxes.
    Im 17 and in Year 11...Still
    I want to be a YouTuber and a photographer.
    Well, I am a Girl.
    I have Orange and white hair, Like a fox. :3

    I love Building.
    I love my friends.
    I am a looong time member on Emc.

    I live on Smp4.
    Im a member of PlanetMinecraft.
    thats pretty much me XD
  2. I can't let you do that Dave or Starfox.
  3. Hmm.... :rolleyes:
  4. I didn't know EMC was full of colleges. :rolleyes: Learn something new every day. Welcome to the Empire!
  5. Hello ME. Have a good time on EMC! :D :3
  6. ROFLROFLROFL! My brain auto-corrected colleges=colleagues, but even that doesn't make any sense...
  7. ....woops....typo......
  8. It's ok. I do it all the tiem.
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  9. have a good time here on emc!
  10. Hello, thanks for introducing yourself :) Did you friend zoroarc86 appeal to a moderator? He can start a private message with me on the site to appeal his ban. Thanks!
  11. Welcome to EMC! :D
  12. he and I did but we did not get any reply I talked to Jeremy i'm not sure who he talked to