Introducing: GaminLegendz! My YouTube channel!

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  1. I will warn you now this Channel is NOT related to minecraft If you don't like watching other games DO NOT BOTHER TO LOOK AT MY CHANNEL UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! Moving on, GaminLegendz is a YouTube channel posting content about mainly 2 games Terraria and Brave Frontier. I am focused on iOS games until I get a decent computer or a capture card.

    Moving on to my new thing I am doing

    LETS PLAYS! I am making a terraria let's play about a traveller named Arthos who traveled 10000 miles to end up where he is now. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: due to no audio equipment and the recording software I have I can not talk or add subtitles to my videos I am trying to get audio equipment but right now that is something i just do not have.

    I hope you check out and enjoy my YouTube channel!

  2. No link link take forever with this i pad due to my crappy clicking but I guess I will try lol
  3. Yeah no link the link is because I'm on my iPad. You should find I if you search for channels and type out GaminLegendz
  4. And sub :D
  5. Yeyyyyyyy lol
    Updates: added temporary channel art and Added link to thread