Introducing for the first time ! Please Read... :)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by promotocross110, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Hey Everyone Out there On this Wonderful and Amazing Server, EMC,

    My name is Promotocross110, I am the proud owner of the amazing shop and great employee/workers palace at res 12266 on SMP6. I am just here too tell anyone or everyone that my shop will soon have a Co-Owner known as CorCor101 or maybe Pablo67340, this will mean that more items will be in stock for ALOT longer and possibly ALOT cheaper, my prices are very cheap (Mostly Rare Items Like Diamonds, Iron, Obsidian, Glowstone, etc.) Ive been working on my res/shop now for about 2 - 3 weeks, I am almost SMP6 server wide known and have been making sales like crazy, surprisingly really hard to keep up. And will make a new employee/workers System as the, old one = too many wokers demanding more and more rupees and such ! So employees sell shop is currently closed ! Please PM (private message) me for any questions or if you would like to be appart of my employees palace. (To do so type /tell promotocross110 on smp6 chat [when im online] or click on my profile and click *start a conversation*)
    Thanks Everyone and JustinGuy is awesome,
    -The Pro's One Stop Shop
  2. Please explain why this is in the 'Introduce Yourself' topic?
  3. Well, Simply because i wanted to introduce myself to the server ! i never had a chance.
  4. Your not a griefer, your awesome ! and how do you get the achievements ? :p jw
  5. Do you mean trophy points?
  6. For achievements i think you click on mine, make one, and I think copy the BB code into your signature? Also it seems only people who don't know me in game at all and just go off what the ban says like to hate on me for no reason. Though I do acknowledge Ive been a bad Mein Lately. :p
  7. Alright, FRENDO. Thanks pro motocross for making this thread lol.
  8. I've still never heard of him though, lol :/
  9. lol lets just say i have one of the most well known shops on smp6 and i get 18k daily :p
  10. but then i buy like 17k worth of diamonds and glowstone :(
  11. pro motocross how many R you got now?
  12. *Cough Sure.. :)
  13. come help me start my shop at 12457 please
  14. Dude..don't.
  15. This is a thread for someone to introduce themself, not so you can advertise.