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  1. Hey guys! I'm Dewpup and I'd like to introduce myself to the community of Empire! Lilietta and I are starting a "fun spot" at our res (/v Dewpup)! It's been a couple days and I am amazed to report the progress as great! We will be having our opening night/day somewhere this summer and you are all invited in advance. Some donations would be great, and would definitely speed up the progress in our opening day/night. I'd like to thank a few people who have made my first few days easier and/or more enjoyable:


    Thank you! See you around guys! I'm out!
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  2. Welcome to the Empire Dewpup. Enjoy your stay.:)
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  3. Welcome to the empire, Dewpup! I hope your funspot will turn out great.
  4. Welcome to EMC! I highly encourage you to be a forumsperson like myself! There is always plenty to talk about on the forums. If you need any help/questions to be answered you can PM me or a staff member!
  5. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  6. Welcome, Dewpup! I hope you enjoy your time here!